Te acompañamos en el proceso crediticio

En Tierras de Casarella Zárate podes dejar de alquilar y pasar a ser propietario.

  • Plazo de 20 años

  • Casa en pesos 

    y cuotas

  • Crédito en Pesos

  • Asesoramiento

  • Bajo Anticipo

  • Cuota Igual

    a un alquiler

Beneficios de

Comprar tu casa con crédito hipotecario

¿Queres saber sí sos apto crédito? Te realizamos la pre-calificación del crédito.


Copia del DNI, ambos lados



En relación de dependencia, 3 recibos de sueldo. Si sos monotributista, constancia de inscripción en AFIP - Pagos de monotributo


Garantes Familiares*:

Recibos de sueldo, copia de DNI.


*suma hasta 3 garantes

Preguntas Frecuentes

Where do the tours depart from?

As we are based in Xpujil, most of our tours depart from here, although we also have daily tours departing Campeche City, Bacalar and Chetumal. Price may vary depending on departure city. All tours includes round trip to the departure city selected. *Tours subject to availability.

Can I be dropped off at a different city from where I started the tour?

Yes! You can be dropped off at Xpujil for no extra cost if you started at a different city. For other cities there´s an extra cost for the private transportation service. Please contact us for pricing.

I´m a solo traveler, can I join your tours?

Yes! If there´s another tour already organized for that same date you can join them. Our website booking system will allow you to buy 1 ticket if there´s another tour. If not, we can put you on a wait list, or else you can pay for the minimum 2 tickets for a private tour. As we are based in Xpujil, and most our tours depart from here, you have more chances to join a tour if you start from here. Please contact us if you want to be added to the waitlist.

What are the extra activities and how do they work?

Extra activities are available with certain tours, and they have an extra cost. You will be offered the ones available during your booking process on our website. * Please consider that the first people to book the tour have the chance to choose the extra activities for that day. So you would have to take these activities chosen by the first people to book. Because our online booking system is not able to update this information, if theres a previous booking with extra activities on the date we receive your tour request, we will write to let you know which are the extra activities. Once we hear back, and depending on your answer we can either accept your request, or process a swift refund of your deposit. If you want to make sure first what extra activities we have available before you book, please contact us.

What is included in the tours?

All is included in our tours. We pick you up at your hotel and drop you off after the tour. Entrance fees and permits is all taken care of on our side. Water, sodas, and picnics (for full day tours) is also thought of so you are well nurtured to enjoy the activity! Certified vehicles and drivers, and bilingual certified guides is also included in all our tours. *Read exactly what´s included on each tour on their description.

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